Solace of Stone
a novel about making choices

"Masterful - a book to savor and ponder about"
4.8 out of 5 stars

An earthquake has destroyed the center of a Sicilian town. Architect George Nobel is charged with creating a plan for its restoration. At about the same time, someone finds a mysterious piece of art in a South American jungle - a relief carved in slate. Art historian Charlotte Vermeer gets the assignment to catalogue the relief. Solace of Stone chronicles their separate but intertwined stories.

Both Charlotte and George struggle with emotions of regret, loss and loneliness. Where can people find solace: in nature, work, philosophy, art... other people? If you want to embrace life, should you lose yourself in Beethoven and Brahms, or the breaking of waves on the reef? Are we imposters? What happens if we try to escape from our reality?
David de Wolf gently probes these and other questions of human nature throughout Solace of Stone.

A book of living life to the fullest.


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About the author

David de Wolf was born in The Netherlands and studied Dutch Language and History of Art at the University of Nijmegen.
He graduated with a Master of Arts.
Since then he has worked as journalist, tour guide in Italy and since 1995 independently as communications manager.

In 2011, he moved to Israel and he now lives about 10 miles north of Tel Aviv. In 2013 he published Solace of Stone.

His next novel, Ephraim's Bones, is expected in 2015.

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"This beautifully described coming-of-age story serves as a rich and fascinating guide through Europe’s cultural landscape."

"I recommend this book to fans of Proust's 'A la recherche du temps perdu', or anyone who prefers soulful and mature writing to shallow sensationalism."

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"Solace of Stone presents a world rich in culture, philosophy and ideas; a world that has been diminished in our present-day texting, surfing, superficial reality."

"This book is captivating and it leaves you with a lot to think about, even after you’ve finished reading.
5 stars.
A must read!"

"Breathtakingly beautiful"

"De Wolf captures
the reader's attention with page one and holds that firm line of concentration to novel's end."